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Discover what YOU can do to tackle global poverty

As a business or professional person you have the skills and capability to combat poverty and bring lasting transformation. There’s many ways you can use your time, experience and resources to combat poverty – discover your role with TBN.

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Starting a business

We are a Network and our Partners collaborate, exchange ideas and work together. Joining us brings you into this ecosystem and makes your unique input available to TBN Partners and projects. Whether you want to initiate a new business and gather others to it, advance a business you're involved in, or want to get behind an existing business, the Network gives you the best environment in which to succeed. See some exciting case studies »

Next steps:
As a TBN Partner just send us your new business idea or the business profile that you're passionate about and we'll help you make the connections you need.

Using your business

You and your business can partner with TBN to leverage your skills, resources, and capital to create jobs for the poor through sustainable enterprise. Through TBN you'll have access to a Network of skilled professionals, investors, and specialists which amplifies what you can do alone.

From advising entrepreneurs on the ground, investing in a fledging business, or pioneering a new start-up you can make a lasting contribution.

How this works: 1. Explore: Invest an hour with us over lunch where we'll establish initial insights into the role and potential impact of your business. 2. Plan: We'll create an Impact Report with you which will map out clearly defined opportunities & next steps to use your business to create life-changing impact for the poor. 3. Discover: We'll design a tailored exposure trip for you and your team to review and select opportunities that match your unique strengths and capabilities we've uncovered. 4. Deploy: Together, we'll develop all the component parts to launch the enterprise or make the investment. You'll access TBN's deep expertise and experience in cross-cultural business and frontier markets.

Next steps:
Contact us and we'll arrange a kick-off meeting.


Mainstream investment has ignored businesses that are small and hard to reach — this is where we can have an impact. The Network is an amazingly cost-effective way to deliver SME investment and support, and through TBN you can invest into businesses that directly impact poverty. You'll also have access to the skills resources needed to make an investment successful.

How this works: 1. Identify: Through the power of the Network we can help you identify impact investment opportunities into businesses, projects, and funds. 2. Analyse: We can assist you in evaluating social & financial returns, provide due diligence, and advise you on the most appropriate structure. 3. Partner: We can invest alongside you and introduce you to impact investors and funds. 4. Execute: We can act as lead adviser creating the commercial & investment documentation, completing on money transfers, and establishing monitoring & evaluation frameworks.

Next steps:
Contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss investment opportunities available now, or to explore new areas to move into.

Knowledge 'know-how'

We have a wealth of invaluable knowledge and experience, and the Network helps you access it. The better we get at sharing best practice know-how the higher the probability we have of making a sustainable and successful difference. You can share your expertise through many channels, from simply starting an online discussion right through to directly advising an SME or entrepreneur.

Next steps to learn:
Join the TBN Hangout, check out our resource library or connect in our LinkedIn group.

Next steps to contribute:
Tell us about your area of expertise and we'll give you the platform to share with in-country entrepreneurs, TBN Partners and the wider business community.
Or you could set up new groups on the TBN Hangout or new discussions in TBN LinkedIn group.

Training & mentoring

Building local entrepreneurial, leadership and management capacity is vital to overcoming poverty. The basic business skills you take for granted can be what's crucially missing for many would-be entrepreneurs and SMEs. By mentoring entrepreneurs or writing/running training you can bridge the 'pioneer gap' that prevents potential startups becoming scalable enterprises.

Next steps:
Get equipped by the training materials already available in our resource library. You can engage immediately by offering to run or join a training expo trip. Just tell us about it and we'll help you gather Partners from the Network to join you and promote what you're doing.

And if you've already run programmes or courses, make available your own training resources – or your organisation's – into the resource library for others to benefit from. Email it to us and we'll do the rest.

Inspiring others

We want to promote the growth of impact activities. TBN is a global Network of people like you, and bringing others into in helps them take their first steps to impact; often much faster than doing it alone. Enable your connections and contacts to use their skills and resources to lift even more communities out of poverty.

Next steps:
The best way to get your connections started is by encouraging them to join as a TBN Partner so we can introduce them to the Network. If you need additional resources to show them what TBN is all about have a look in our resources library. If you need something specific that you can’t find let us know and we’ll try and send you resources to help.

How to get started

Next steps: your routes to engagement

4. Grow your impact

Multiply your impact by engaging those in your own networks and sharing what you’ve learnt

Bring others into the Network

Help others encounter TBN and discover their potential for impact. You can bring your personal networks into the Network by brining them to one of our events, leading an expo with your team, sending them information on TBN, engaging them on projects you're involved in, and much more.

Make your involvement public

Your own networks can discover TBN through you if you just make your involvement known to them. Use your social media networks and other channels to share your membership of TBN, the events you’re attending and the projects you’re involved in.

Learn how to get started by adding TBN to your social networks

3. Engage & act

Join the movement of like-minded people and be the difference for the poor

Join as a TBN Partner

Do you want to have an impact in the neediest areas of the world? Would you like the fulfilment of doing something of significance?

As a business or professional person you have the skills and capability to combat poverty and bring transformation.

Along the way you will network with some amazing people; you will have the most moving and life changing experiences; and you will also have fun and adventure in places well beyond the usual tourist trail.

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Start a project

As a TBN Partner you’ll have access to the wide range of skills and experience in the Network. We can connect you to other Partners to get you the knowledge and resources you need to bring your ideas to market. Perhaps you could do these things by yourself, but together we can have an even greater impact.

Use your skills

As a business or professional person you have the skills and experience to have a huge impact on the poor, even without running an enterprise yourself. TBN gives you the opportunity to apply your expertise to projects that transform the lives of the poorest communities in the world.

So, what are you going to do about the problem of global poverty? Where can you use your skills, time or resources to bring sustainable transformation to the poorest communities in the world?

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